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Envisioning the Artemis program

NASA plans to land the first woman and next man on the moon in 2024 through its Artemis program, and relies on Media Fusion's creative team to help bring this sweeping story to life for both stakeholders and the public. The technology, the software and hardware—these have all changed since man last walked on the moon. Media Fusion has created 3D visualizations, educational videos, virtual reality experiences, video games, and cinematic animations to communicate the innovation and opportunities that drive the Artemis program. These visual elements help NASA connect to a wide audience and build excitement for the next "giant leap" to Mars.

Animation depicting NASA's Space Launch System, used in coverage by CNN

EM-1 Mission Launch, an interactive kiosk game created with the Microsoft Kinect

No Small Steps

NASA provides science educators and students with a wealth of educational resources. These materials support and inspire the future scientific community, and keep the public engaged with specific missions, which are complex and may span multiple years. Media Fusion produced the No Small Steps web series to highlight the science behind the Artemis program's rocket: the Space Launch System (SLS). This nine-episode series covers everything from rocket fuel to gravity, presenting the science and engineering behind the SLS in an accessible and entertaining format for viewers of all ages.

No Small Steps Episode 1: Getting to Mars

No Small Steps Episode 2: A Foundation for Mars

Seeing the future with VR

The SLS is imposing. NASA's first deep space rocket since the Saturn V will be the most powerful rocket in the world. It is a communications challenge to convey the scale and historic significance of a new, one-of-a-kind rocket while it is still being built. NASA enlisted Media Fusion to create virtual reality experiences that depict its power and technical advancements. One experience places users in the shadow of the towering rocket for a chest-rumbling front-row seat at a launch. Another presents a living diorama for users to explore and deconstruct. These VR experiences build anticipation and make the SLS and the Artemis program viscerally real for stakeholders, tradeshow attendees, and the public.

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